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Celebrated for a unique combination of diamond craftsmanship and innovative diamond cutting technology, LEO continues to reinvent how truly brilliant a diamond can be. The LEO Diamond Collections include uniquely brilliant mined diamonds and lab-created diamonds for your one-of-a-kind love. And every beautiful, expertly crafted center stone in The LEO Diamond Collections is GSI certified.

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Bridal Collection

Introduced over twenty years ago, THE LEO Diamond is the first diamond independently certified to be visibly brighter by GemEx®, the global leader in Diamond Light Performance certification. Celebrate your visibly brighter future together with The LEO Diamond.

The LEO First Light Diamond

Bridal Collection

Featuring a patented breakthrough in diamond cutting technology from The LEO master diamond artisans, The LEO First Light® Diamond has microscopic nano-prisms etched into the facets of the diamond’s pavilion. Live your love in color with The LEO First Light® Diamond.

The LEO Ideal Cut Diamond

Bridal Collection

You’ve found your ideal love. Surprise them with The LEO® Ideal Cut Diamond. Ideally proportioned, it releases a breathtaking amount of fire, sparkle, and brilliance—a testament to how rare and wonderful your love is.


Bridal Collection

You both passionately care about the origin of your diamond and the legacy it will leave for future generations. Grown above ground, The LEO® Legacy is the first lab-created diamond worthy of The LEO® name.

Diamond Engagement Rings

You’ve found the perfect person for you. But there’s more than one perfect ring to celebrate your unique love. Choose from an extensive selection of breathtaking diamond ring designs in The LEO Diamond Collections. Whichever LEO you select, you will have an exquisitely crafted ring whose sparkle and brilliance outshines all others.

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Diamond Wedding Bands

An engagement announcement is about two people coming together, boldly declaring their intent to forever share their hopes and dreams. Wedding bands from The LEO Diamond Collections are the ultimate symbol of your union and an exceptionally brilliant reflection of your love for each other. Remember all the brilliance of your wedding today and every day after with the perfect pair of diamond wedding bands.

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