Giving the gift of a diamond is the ultimate expression of your love. Whether you’re considering THE LEO® Legacy Lab-Created Diamond, THE LEO Diamond®, THE LEO First Light® Diamond, THE LEO® Ideal Cut Diamond, or something else, your choice should be made with care and consideration. It starts with the confidence of knowing what to look for in a diamond and understanding its actual worth. Here is a quick guide to help you begin the diamond-buying process.

Learn about diamonds

Knowing what makes diamonds so beautiful and valuable begins with understanding the 4C’s—cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. They are the keys for a diamond’s certification—the written proof of its characteristics and quality.

Certification assures you that a diamond is worthy of the value you’re paying for it, and allows you to directly compare one diamond with another.

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The 4C’s of a Diamond
Diamond Certification


Select the right style

The two most important factors in the style of ring you select are the shape of the diamond and the type of setting in which it will be placed. THE LEO® Collection of Diamonds is available in the most popular diamond shapes.

The setting determines how the diamond will look on their hand. Consider the following: Will it be yellow gold, white gold, or platinum? A solitaire (a single diamond) or a three-stone setting? Will the band be simple or adorned with smaller stones?

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Find the perfect fit

Planning a surprise proposal? You’ll want to know your loved one’s ring size so the diamond engagement ring will slip right onto their finger. You can secretly ask family members or friends if they know their ring size, or grab another ring and bring it to your jeweler.

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Spend time on a budget

Before you purchase a diamond, decide on an amount that makes you feel comfortable. There are beautiful diamonds in all shapes and sizes for every budget. The enduring symbol of love and commitment a diamond represents is far more important than size or cost.

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Choose a trusted jeweler

Buying from a well-respected retail jeweler will give you the best chance of making the right investment and getting the quality, value, and service you need.

Choosing an authorized THE LEO Collection of Diamonds jeweler gives you an additional advantage when buying diamonds. Leo Schachter selects jewelers based on their reputation for excellent service, their insistence on providing only quality merchandise, and their reputation for highly trained and knowledgeable sales associates.

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