Diamond Buying Guide

No matter what diamond you’re considering, your choice should be made with care and consideration. It starts with the confidence of knowing what to look for in a diamond and understanding its actual worth.

Caring For Your Diamond

Whether you selected THE LEO® Diamond, THE LEO First Light® Diamond, THE LEO® Ideal Cut Diamond, or THE LEO Legacy Lab-Created Diamond you have a breathtakingly brilliant diamond.

Certification – The 5th C

Although many diamonds look similar, they are not all of equal quality. Diamond certification is the written proof of a diamond’s attributes. It’s your assurance that the diamond’s value is worth the price you are paying.

The LEO & Responsibility

Our goal is to create diamonds you’re proud to give and wear, and to make our people proud of the diamonds they create and sell. To achieve that goal, we insist our diamonds are not only beautiful but are also responsibly sourced.