The first lab-created diamond worthy of THE LEO® name

Introducing The LEO Legacy Lab-Created Diamond

See for yourself why all lab-created diamonds are not created equal.

The LEO® Legacy Lab-Created Diamond

All lab-created diamonds are not created equal. Only one can offer the brilliance, sparkle, and unmatched master craftsmanship worthy of the LEO® name - The LEO® Legacy Lab-Created Diamond.

Featuring the innovative and proprietary cut which, until now, could only be found in THE LEO® Diamond, THE LEO® Legacy lab-created diamond is grown above ground, not mined, for those who passionately care about the origin of their diamond and the lasting legacy it will leave for future generations.

Using the latest cutting-edge technology, our lab-created diamonds are grown in an environment similar to that found in nature. The result is a lab-created diamond with the identical chemical, optical and physical properties as a mined diamond. And, they offer more diamond for your money.

See for yourself why all lab-created diamonds are not created equal.

All lab-created diamonds are not created equal

THE LEO® Legacy Lab-Created Diamond’s proprietary cut includes additional facets strategically placed by THE LEO master diamond artisans to maximize the return of light and create far away sparkle. Click to compare THE LEO® Legacy Lab-Created Diamond's cut and brilliance with that of a conventional lab-created diamond.

THE LEO Legacy Lab-Created Diamond

Conventional Lab-Created Diamond

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