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Your love knows no limits. Honor it forever with the breathtaking brilliance and sparkle of THE LEO®.

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First diamond certified to be visibly brighter.

Love is brilliant, growing brighter by the day. Now see your love brilliantly reflected in THE LEO® Diamond, the first diamond independently certified to be visibly brighter by GemEx®, the global leader in Diamond Light Performance certification. Our patented technology, exclusively for THE LEO® Diamond, strategically places additional facets into the diamond, maximizing the return of light, and far away sparkle.


Colorful bursts of brilliance and sparkle.

Celebrate your love with a burst of colorful brilliance. From the master diamond artisans and innovators who created THE LEO® Diamond comes a true breakthrough in diamond cutting technology. THE LEO First Light® Diamond features microscopic nano prisms etched into the facets of the diamond’s pavilion. When light hits these nano-prisms, THE LEO First Light® Diamond unleashes a brilliant burst of color and sparkle.


Ideally proportioned for fire, sparkle and brilliance.

Let your love for each other shine through for all to see. Introducing THE LEO Ideal Cut Diamond, a diamond of rare and exceptional quality. A brilliant diamond from the master diamond artisans at Leo Schachter, THE LEO Ideal Cut Diamond is created with geometrically ideal proportions that release breathtaking fire, sparkle, and brilliance.


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About LEO

Celebrate the brightest love of all - yours. Experience THE LEO, the most brilliant way to reflect your one-of-a-kind love for each other.

The master artisans at Leo Schachter remain fueled by a century-long passion for transforming diamonds into the world’s most brilliant symbols of love.

Our history includes reinventing the idea of how brilliant a diamond can be with the creation of THE LEO Diamond®, the first diamond to be independently certified to be visibly brighter. We continued the quest for brilliance with new and unique patented innovations in diamond cutting technology, resulting in the colorful brilliance of THE LEO First Light® Diamond. Now we bring you the THE LEO ideal Cut diamond, ideally proportioned for breathtaking fire, sparkle, and brilliance.

As a testament to their superior quality, our diamonds are certified for the 4Cs of diamonds—Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat Weight--by the world’s most respected independent diamond grading labs, including the Gemological Institue of America (GIA®) and Gemological Science International (GSI). THE LEO® Diamond is also certified by GemEx®, the global leader for Diamond Light Performance certification.

The master artisans at Leo Schachter take pride in placing integrity and compassion above all. We responsibly source conflict-free diamonds that comply with the highest global Best Practice Principles.

Whether you desire the spectacular brilliance of THE LEO® diamond….the colorful brilliance of THE LEO First Light® Diamond, or the breathtaking brilliance of THE LEO® IDEAL CUT diamond, THE LEO® reflects your love like no other. If you’re interested in diamond rings, diamond earrings, diamond necklaces or more, we invite you to discover THE LEO® and see the difference true innovation can make.

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