Budgeting: Plan on Forever

Find the most brilliant diamond that fits your budget.

Two month’s salary? Three? Actually, there is no given formula for how much you should spend on a diamond. The key is to ensure that you are finding the right diamond that fits within your budget. It’s all about finding the right balance, and the first step is to do some homework to learn about diamonds.

Start by learning to judge the fair market value and quality of the diamond. Click here for information about the 4Cs and Certification. Also make sure that you are buying your diamond from a trusted retailer who will provide you with a money-back guarantee, the ability to exchange or upgrade your diamond and on-going high quality service. Rest assured that every authorized jeweler who offers The LEO® Collection of diamonds provides those services.

The selection of beautiful diamonds is almost limitless today. For virtually every budget, there is a beautiful diamond that’s sure to please the person you love. Remember that the enduring symbol of love and commitment a diamond represents is far more important than its size or cost.

With a budget that suits you in mind, search for the most beautiful diamond you can find at the greatest value for your money. Compare the diamonds you are interested in, using both the 4Cs . Once you are confident that you’re getting fair market value and verified quality, use your eye to observe the diamond’s beauty. Hold it in your hand, turn it in the light, and watch how it sparkles. And remember, size has little to do with the beauty of the diamond. A superior diamond such as those in The LEO Collections will shine and sparkle no matter the size.

See The LEO® Collections online at one of our authorized jewelers’ web sites, including Kay® Jewelers and Jared®.

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    No matter what diamond you’re considering, your choice should be made with care and consideration. It starts with the confidence of knowing what to look for in a diamond and understanding its actual worth.